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10:10pm eastern - 9:10pm Texas time

Donny will be doing a live radio interview
on the Island Time Radio Show with DK the DJ
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also heard on:

WNY THE SHORE RADIO  Saturdays- 9 PM, eastern
BEACHFRONT RADIO Wednesdays- 8 PM, eastern

AND…in case you missed it…”on demand” at
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Still just one hit away from being able to
Live Like Jimmy Buffett

(coincidentally…that’s the album name)

click the album cover below to listen or download from CD Baby




I also have a FREE DOWNLOAD!!

Click below to play or right click – save link as…

It’s a silly song written by me (Donny) and Marcy Allen and it’s completely FREE.  No strings attached.  The idea here is for you all to take this little gift and tell all your friends about it.  Then maybe they’ll notice there’s some great island music available for download here too! Thanks for spreading the word!