Zimzala Credits

All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion were played by Donny. Steel Drums on this album were created through sampled versions of Clay McNeill’s pans. Portions of drums created from Brian Brinkmeyer’s sampled kit. Backing vocals are by Donny except where indicated.

1. Hang Loose Donny Brewer, Ric Brewer
Ric & Shea Brewer, Kyle Collins – backing vocals

2. Palapa Joe Donny Brewer

3. Jump Ship Donny Brewer, Ric Brewer
Donny –

4. Retirement Song Donny Brewer
Donny – harmonica

5. Too Much Quetila Donny Brewer – inspired by Marcy Allen
Donny – squeezebox

6. Wishing Well Donny Brewer, Ric Brewer

7. Coulda Been A Pirate Donny Brewer

8. Vitamin T Donny Brewer – inspired by Amy Durden

9. I Could Get Used To This Donny Brewer
Kerry Williams –
upright bass

10. Footprints Donny Brewer, Alyssa Vogel

11. Keep Your Glow On Donny Brewer, Ric Brewer- inspired by Wendy  Brewer
Donny – cigar box slide
Alyssa Vogel – Backing vocals

12. That’s All I Wanna Do Donny Brewer

13. Zimzala Donny Brewer
Michelle Brewer, Shea Brewer, Travis Starr – backing vocals

14. Coconut Club Donny Brewer – inspired by Lindy Allen
Donny – ukulele, lap steel, coconuts, wind chimes, various percussion and drums
Jungle Drums – Kai Brewer
Backing Vocals by: Kanawanalina & Tiki Luki, Mason, Kai, Ric, & Michelle Brewer
Monkey – Mason
Parrot – Kai
Jungle Birds
– Ric

15. The Beer Song Donny Brewer, Ric Brewer, CW Webb, Jim Brewer – inspired by Bob Dildy
Donny –
beer bottles
Ric Brewer –
Backing Vocals –
the Beer Party Singers featuring the late great Bob Dildy and Sam McBee