Donny Brewer is a Central Texas born and bred multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years experience entertaining crowds in all genres in all parts of the world. Though he has been writing and recording Trop Rock all his life, he was not discovered until 2012 after releasing his first of five beach and escapism themed albums, Live Like Jimmy Buffett. 

He’s since won 25 Trop Rock Music Association awards for his music including Entertainer Of The Year 6 times.

He’s now on tour full time living in a Winnebago with his wife Michelle playing everything from solo house concerts to large festival shows with his 7 piece band the Dock Rockers, combining Trop Rock with all his earlier blues, rock, country and R&B influences.

Donny continues to write and record new material while on the road and now hosts events, trips and festivals, including the annual Karavan and Mexico Meltdown among others. Not to mention the cruises and trips he joins other Trop Rockers on.

Now working on his 6th album, he says this was the one thing he discovered:

“This is who I’ve been all along. Writing and recording island, trop rock, or whatever you wanna call it is natural for me. It’s easy. With other music, I always feelt like I could’ve written it better, or done a better production or sang it better. I was never quite happy with it, ya know. With this music it’s like gravy. I hardly ever do a second vocal take. And it’s like there’s no rules. If I wanna throw in a goofy percussion part or change styles I can do that. It’s my music. It makes me happy. It makes me feel good. And hopefully it’ll do that for other folks too. That would just be the icing on the cake…or the…lime on the margarita, or something!”

– Donny Brewer

With the kids both college graduates, there’s no limit to where Donny will take his Trop Rock, literally and figuratively, but one thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be fun!

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