We all knew it would come some day, but when Jimmy passed, we were all stuck in a wake of grief. Many songwriters tried to express their feelings to their hero with melancholy tributes to his great accomplishments. I was more focused on his messages for the future which may have been specifically for the family, but must’ve been for the PHamily too: “keep the party going” and “have fun”. So I wanted to make a fun song for Bubba, and I enlisted the help of someone who’s probably lived and breathed more of Buffett’s music than anyone, long time Sirius XM Radio Margaritaville jockey JD Spradlin. We were able to come up with something that I feel is poignant but in the spirit of Jimmy’s last words.

Our friend Kurt the Pyrate had some wise words that inspired me in similar ways as JB. And since I wanted to tribute the “Volcano” side of Jimmy as well as the “Gumbo” side, we also included Kurt’s washboard playing on the track. The talented and ever present John Patti provides the tropical side on Steel Pan.

I’m very happy with the way it came out. I hope you enjoy it, and I can’t wait to shoot a video for it!

I’m finally writing songs again with my lifelong friend, and inspiration, my brother Ric. If you can believe it, he’s the fun brother. I tend to write about my experiences specifically, and he’s more of a dreamer. So it’s nice to have that imagination back in my music.

Since this one will be part of the Winnebago Tapes Vol. 2 (a collaborative effort), I had to find a partner. This tune has always been very Jack Johnson for me, and my new friend monallo, fits that vibe perfectly. He has that coolness you can[t grow. It’s just there and it makes you feel good. I’m just glad I got him on a record before he gets to famous for me.

This track has a great drum track from Jax Bowers, and and of course monallo’s smooth vocals.

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